My Novels

Devil in the Clouds


In her early twenties, Kate is disillusioned with life. Her home town is slowly becoming a ghost town, she needs to get out or become a ghost herself.
After making the decision to change, Kate gets a phone call from AerSaoirse about a job as cabin crew. What can be better than this glamorous existence, jetting all over the world and getting paid to do it? Leaving behind all that she knows so well, Kate embarks on a journey to transform her life, There’s a big wide world out there, full of dangerous things. But sometimes, we need to risk a lot of ourselves to grow.

Kate soon finds out being an air hostess is not all it’s cracked up to be. Everyone seems to be hooked on something and, unfortunately, she is still hooked to Ireland through her dead-beat boyfriend.

Behind the glossy exterior lie sex, drugs and the high life. Is this really what Kate wants? Can love blossom in the rough?

THE DEVIL IN THE CLOUDS is Kate’s chance to break free from her cushy life and live in the real world. Dirty as it may be, it’s better than dying in suburbia.

The Secret Beneath Bleeker Avenue


Rathmara seems like an ordinary coastal town in the north east of Ireland but it is holding a deep, dark secret. Rachael Dunn, who has lived in the town all of her life is about to discover more than she wanted to know.

Rachael likes to keep her days busy. Even when she has time off she spends it drinking to blot out the hollow place inside. In fact, Rachael does not even know it’s there until a chance acquaintance with the local shop guy, Chris.

Chris is not the ordinary shop assistant Rachael thinks he is. He is a quantum physicist from the past and he needs help to get back to 1949. He is determined to continue his life with his pretty wife of 3 months and save the life of his best friend. As Rachael helps she discovers if Chris goes back to his own time it will destroy her life as well as those of her mother and sister.

Unsure what to do next Rachael decides to follow Chris back to the past. Using her knowledge of physics Rachael helps Chris repair the damage to the gravity generator and they create the wormhole to travel back. Chris has no idea about Rachael’s plans and is shocked when she falls out of the time machine into 1949 a few minutes after him. However, the past is not as safe as it first seems.

THE SECRET BENEATH BLEEKER AVENUE is the start of Rachael’s journey into the dangerous world of time travel, true love and kismet dreams.

Allie's Return